Calm after the Storm

I was walking along the path with my umbrella. All of a sudden, a thick drop hit the top of my umbrella. A sound so deep and determined. Like a war drum that drove the cloud kingdom to attack.

After a few steps, 4 or 5 droplets burst onto my umbrella in close succession. As if a wind maiden or bub - impatiently waiting for the next storm - was tapping it with their fingertips.

I held the umbrella in such a way that my face was always protected from the curious glances of other passers-bys. Even though after a while I noticed that only I seemed to be walking on the path.

At some point, I was walking ahead when a tree brazenly attacked my umbrella with its branchy arm. The pulling sound awakened a feeling in me.

Even though I could not pinpoint what it was - something of supreme importance sprang from that sound. When I came to the conclusion that this memory was to remain forever out of my reach, I made my way home, disappointed.