I am not a doctor

I am just a herbalist

in my village I patch up all the people, for doctors are far and few between

I like to do it

they always come to me for medical help

because I am good at it

but it hurts having no one to patch me up

this pain is inherent to all relationships a herbalist has

because a doctor is never around, averyone asks the herbalist for help

but no one can help the herbalist, even if many want to

a herbalist with a good heart makes everyone a parasyte

they are doomed to eternal pain


one day I decided to leave the village

because I could not take it anymore

I went through the forest so no one would see me

deep in the forest I fell

i broke my leg

someone came to help me

i started to cry

i started to sob

i told her about the pain in my leg

but with every word the pain in my heart would grow bigger

because the moment I saw her

I realized

she was a herbalist