The Stranger

I think I'm okay

my friends tell me too

but every other day

I will meet you


a random stranger

my mental jailer

who makes me feel like

Im not enough as is

which makes me feel like

a piece of shit


it's clear you don't like me

what could I have done?

I'm being the best I can be

what am I doing wrong?

it's just me, you treat badly

you dont hate everyone


I do not even like you

so why do I care

I could look for people who like me



so why is it you

im so focused on

because I don't know what to do

when something goes wrong


what to do when people are thinking

that I am not enough

what to do when my mind is yearning

for a random stranger's love


what did I do wrong

which of my flaws

made you make your descision

to not give me a chance


how would I act

if in this situation

my soul would not need

your validation


would I be nice, or rough?

would I care enough

to show you love?

would I even waste a single thought to you?

would I remember you?

would I give my time and my mind to you?

and thats when it hit me

it finally hit me

yesterday you were me

and I was you