Sad Man

A man was sitting on his own

The man was truly all alone

Gazing up right at the moon

Shining light into his room


When the moonlight hit his eye

The man, he couldn’t help but cry

Once the man began to sob

The man, he couldn’t even stop


For two weeks, the man, he cried

So much, that he nearly died

After that, quickly began

Him going to work again


When at work, the man was fun

Even though his tears had run

Across his face, down on his shirt

The man, he really was disturbed


‘Why, oh, why?’ the man, he squealed

Trying to keep his pain concealed

‘I must seek help; I must be treated!’

The man exclaimed, fairly defeated


Soon, he seeked a man named Cain

Who said he could fix the man again

Then Cain observed ‘You must go see

The greatest clown: Pagliacci!’


‘But please…’ the man began to mourn

‘I am already quite forlorn.

Now I am finally let down,

For me, myself, I am the clown’