The Scenario

You have to be alone on a remote island full of jungle. You only have with you the clothes you are wearing. You also know only what you know now, no research. 32 different items that you can take with you have been prepared. However, you have to lose a finger (clean, professional, safe amputation; healed completely when u go on the island, bleeding and infection are no special concern) for each item you take with you.

The Fingers

It may be tempting to deal immediately with the items, but it makes more sense to look at the fingers first, as they determine how many items you can carry.


Three important questions need to be answered:

How many fingers do you have?

-I would assume 10.

How many fingers do you need to have the same efficiency as with all fingers?

-I think you can do without the ring fingers, so 8.

How many fingers do you need to perform the simplest tasks?

-I would say with less than 3 you can't survive at all, so 3.


This means that you should take between 2 and 7 items with you.

The Items

crt prompt 3mx3m plastic tarpaulin
crt prompt 2mx2m towel
crt prompt 10cm knife
crt prompt axe
crt prompt 2m spear
crt prompt revolver with 12 rounds
crt prompt slingshot without stones
crt prompt blank notebook with pen
crt prompt bottle of vodka
crt prompt three large loaves of bread
crt prompt lighter
crt prompt pot/kettle
crt prompt 1.5mx1.5m net
crt prompt empty tracking backpack
crt prompt sleeping bag
crt prompt one 5m rope
crt prompt 2.5m wooden ladder
crt prompt 20cmx20cmx10cm sponge
crt prompt 1m saw
crt prompt one pair of scissors
crt prompt quartz watch of your choice
crt prompt poker case with contents
crt prompt magnifying glass
crt prompt spade
crt prompt 3 raw potatoes
crt prompt a goldfish bowl with water and 3 live male goldfish
crt prompt packet of cigarettes with 20 cigarettes in it
crt prompt umbrella
crt prompt one can of bug spray
crt prompt hand-operated record player with a record of your favourite songs
crt prompt book: "The do-it-yourself manual with the ultimate do-it-yourself tips around the house and garden"
crt prompt book: "Fasting and Meditation - Relieving the Body, Harnessing the Power of Inner Images"