- The Eleventh Septembers -

On the 11.09.1973 fascist dictator Augosto Pinochet overthrew Chile's democratic government.

On the 11.09.2001 Alice Stewart Trillin, American author, died of lung cancer at the age of 63.

On the 11.09.2004 I started to plague the world.

As you can see the 11.09. was always a day of great displeasure for humanity.

- My great Internet Career -

On the 28.10.2015 I created my steam account.

On the 27.08.2018 I created my discord account.

On the 29.10.2018 I met a funny Austrian person.

On the 23.02.2019 I met funny British people.

On the 18.07.2023 this website was fromally created.

On the 19.07.2023 this website was fleshed out so that it actually resembled a website.

On the 28.07.2023 I met a funny American person.