Fun facts about me:

1. I can't code, or do anything else for that matter. Every resource on this site has been deviously stolen from actually talented people, with two exceptions:

>my banner

>the funny intruder-like face

2. I am very proud of these 2 things.

3. I once used fake e-mailadresses to rig a competition our highschool had against other highschools for a money prize.

4. I once co-founded a political party and went on to become president of the country in the mock-government of a big discord server.

5. I once founded a country on a big minecraft-role-play-server that still exists today with over 100 members.

6. In my highschool yearbook I placed 2nd in the categories "future politician" and "know-it-all".

7. I am trying to learn Esperanto.

8. I am trying to learn how to play the guitar.

9. My username comes from one of the characters from one of my two favourite movies: Watchmen.

10. My other favourite movie is American Beauty.

11. I actually kinda lied with that first one, there is one thing I can do and that is procrastinate.

12. This website was born out of procrastination, because studying for your law exams is a losermove.

13. I was very old when I learned: how to read the time of analog clocks, how to tie my shoes, how to whsitle, how to snap my fingers, how to spell the word for 'school' in my mother tounge.

14. I have to count through all the months, everytime I want to know which month comes when, same for the alphabet.

15. I am a complete failure in the kitchen and when dealing with plants.

16. My favourite color was red for a long time. But now it has been green for a long time. Orange(including Brown) is my second favourite colour. I also love blue, because I love the sea and the sky. By the way I love scuba diving, swimming, cloudgazing and stargazing

17. My favourite number was always my age, until I turned 8. As soon as I turned 8 the number seven just stuck as my favourite number forever. I also always found the number 2 to be way cooler than the number 1.

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