Coup Modification

Coup is a cardgame.

The Original

- The Original Rules -

In the original there are 6 characters and 3 copies of each, so 18 cards in total. The cards all get shuffled into a big character-deck and the wholw deck goes face-down somewhere in the middle. Everyone will start with two randomly drawn cards, that only they themselves are allowed to know. Everyone also starts with two coins.

When it is your turn, you can either decide to da a standart ability, or a special ability. You can only do one ability per turn and you can do nothing else, so choose wisely.

There are only three standart moves: "Income" (take 1 coin from the bank) and "Foreign-Aid" (take 2 coins from the Bank) and "Coup" (pay 7 coins to the bank and make a player discard a cardfrom their hand that they choose). Now you might think it silly to ever use Income, when you could also use Foreign-Aid. Trust me, the tactical finesse of Coup will reveal itself to you soon. You might also wonder, why you should pay 7 hard-earned coins to make a player discard a card. Well you see the player is not allowed to draw a new card when you coup them, so they are stuck with only 1 handcard. And when they lose a card again (there are many ways to lose cards) then they have 0 cards, which is game over for them.

The way you perform a special ability in coup is different from many other games. If you want to perform a special ability, that only - for example - players with the captain card can perform, you would loudly announce "I claim a Captain! And I want to do steal two coins (special ability of the Captain) from player-XY!" which gives every person on the table (including you victim) the ability to announce "I doubt it!".

If nobody doubts you, you can perform your action as announced. It is not possible to retroactively doubt something.

If somebody doubts you (only one person can doubt you; first come, first serve), you are in one of two situations: either you were telling teh truth, or you were bluffing.

If you were telling the truth, 5 steps follow.

  • 1. You discard the one card in question openly to prove you were telling the truth.
  • 2. The player questioning you discards one card.
  • 3. You perform your claimed cards ability.
  • 4. You draw a new card.
  • 5. Both your discarded card and their discarded card are shuffled into the character deck again.

If you were bluffing, only 1 step follows.

  • 1.You discard any of your cards and feel ashamed for getting caught.

- Example of what can happen in just one turn -

So let's assume this series of events:

You claim a Captain to steal 2 coins from me.

I doubt you.

You discard your Captain and reveal you indeed had a Captain.

I discard one of my cards.

You perform you stealing of two coins.

I claim Ambassador to block your Captain (one of the ambassadors abilities).

You doubt my Ambassador.

I discard my Ambassador and reveal I indeed had an Ambassador.

You discard one of your cards.

I perform my blocking of your stealing of my two coins, which leads to no coins being transferred.

You draw a new card.

I draw a new card.

Your Captain, my Ambassador, your other discarded card, and my other discarded card are all shuffled into the character deck again.

- The Original Deck -

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My Modification

- My Modification -

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