The Book

I am working on the book.

Title (WIP): Deus ex Corde

Tiny Winy Random Excerpt: The soul is the sum of all chemical processes, biological processes and electrical signals in the brain. Is it possible to change 100% of the brain through science without killing the human being (softness theory) ? At what point is it no longer the same person? Or maybe there is a small part (maybe 10%) that cannot be changed? Then that would be the core of the person, so to speak, and as long as you don't change it, it remains the same person, and you can't change it without killing the person.

It is core theory Vs softness theory.

And according to the softness theory, perhaps one always remains the same? But then the concept of a person with a continuum would make no sense at all. Nothing would connect me with someone who is mentally 100% different (feelings, thoughts, memories, fears, preferences, interests, behaviour, knowledge). And that is still supposed to be me? It could just as well be someone else. But where does one draw the line? Is it possible that there is no personality at all and that one is only the sum of one's biochemical circumstances in the here and now and we treat the Comedian of 5 minutes ago and the Comedian of 5 minutes from now the same simply out of convenience, because we know that there is a good chance that the Comedian of 5 minutes from now is very similar to the Comedian of 5 minutes ago and probably shares their personality, memories, etc.?

Review: Great book. I love this book. It is mine.

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I just wrote that up today so I am now realizing this excerpt might not be the best thing to represent the book, but the rest is just German rambling.